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Plant-based foods often travel long distances before they reach our markets and therefore influence our ecological footprint. At the same time, the frequency of extreme weather events is growing, which is increasingly leading to crop failures. These and other challenges call for innovative and efficient solutions for agriculture and food producers.

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Low water
Meissner AG is therefore contributing its know-how to an innovative agricultural concept in the field of vertical farming. We see the enormous advantages that vertical farming offers: Significantly less water is needed to grow plant-based food than in conventional agriculture. Long transportation routes are avoided because the vegetables can be grown anywhere and at any time. In our case, this takes place in regional buildings, regardless of the seasons and weather conditions.
Details about OrbiPlant®

Our system explained simply

As manufacturer of OrbiPlant® systems, we offer you the opportunity to take the future of food production into your own hands. Our state-of-the-art cultivation systems set new standards in terms of efficiency, sustainability and productivity.

Why OrbiPlant®?

  • Sustainability: With our plants, you significantly reduce water consumption and the need for fertilizers and contribute to protecting the environment.

  • Efficiency: OrbiPlant® enables you to produce more food in less time and on less land. This leads to a significant increase in your yields.

  • Quality: Thanks to our closed cultivation system, your plants are protected and thrive in a healthy environment.

  • Independence from the weather: Our systems allow you to grow under controlled conditions all year round.

  • Organic cultivation: With OrbiPlant® you can produce high-quality organic food on a large scale.

Conveyor belt system

Our system uses an undulating conveyor belt system to continuously fix and realign plants. This increases the production of plant hormones, accelerates leaf growth and increases biomass through the so-called "orbitropal effect".


Experience the future of plant cultivation with our innovative aeroponics technology!

Nutrients are supplied via a latest-generation aeroponic system in which the plant roots are directly supplied with nutrients via a spray mist. Any liquid that is not directly absorbed drips off and is returned to the circulation system.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Maximum nutrient uptake: The plants get their nutrients directly from the air

  • Water-efficient: With up to 95 % less water required compared to conventional cultivation methods

  • Faster growth: Plants in aeroponic systems grow faster and produce higher-yielding harvests

  • Healthier plants: Our technology reduces disease risks and allows pesticides to be kept to a minimum

  • Prepare to increase your yields while growing more sustainably and efficiently.

Automation capability

The design of the OrbiPlant® system allows for a high degree of automation. In addition to the automatic loading of the system with young plants, the harvesting of various plants can also be fully automated with little effort. In addition, the unique conveyor belt system enables simple and centralized cleaning.


Thanks to our modular design, it is possible to adapt the system perfectly to the customer's requirements and framework conditions. The number of loops and their height can be easily scaled. It is also possible to set up intermediate harvesting zones that allow a product to be harvested more than just once on the system.


The OrbiPlant® system, developed and patented by us together with the Fraunhofer Institute for Molecular Biology and Applied Ecology, ensures faster leaf growth and higher biomass. This means you achieve the maximum yield from the space available to you. Other significant advantages are that the plants stay fresh for longer after harvesting and the excellent and fantastic taste is retained right up to the end customer. Through years of trials on a specially developed prototype system, important information has been gathered for a large number of plants, which also makes it easier for the user to start production. This makes it possible for you to produce plant-based food regardless of the weather, time of day and season and to have it available for planning. You can calculate exactly when you need to set out plants in order to harvest fresh and crunchy vegetables at a scheduled time.

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